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About Pascagoula

Mississippi's Flagship City

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Pascagoula’s grand live oaks, splendid antebellum architecture, and pleasant ambiance make it unlike any other city in the South. It was rated as one of Outdoor Life’s top 200 best towns in America!

Pascagoula has a deep and rich history that stretches back over 300 years. The name reflects a band of peaceful Native Americans (Pascagoula means “bread eaters”) who inhabited the area in the 1500s. Pascagoula was part of the French colonial empire for over half a century, dating from 1699 when Pierre Lemoyne d’Iberville claimed her for the Sun King, Louis XIV. The English later occupied it from 1763 to 1781.

Through the centuries, Pascagoula has been a home, hideaway, respite, or inspiration to such interesting folks as the pirate Jean Lafitte and the infamous Copeland Gang, as well as many future American presidents. Andrew Jackson camped here prior to the Battle of New Orleans, while Jefferson Davis and Ulysses S. Grant were both stationed here in 1848. Zachary Taylor was an early developer of the city, and laid out several streets still in use today.

You can enjoy shopping, dining, historical tours, and a variety of recreation throughout Pascagoula.

Beach Park
Beach Park is a 14-acre park with playground areas, picnic tables, barbeque grills, two pavilions, restrooms, a concession stand,
and even a splash pad for the kids! The Beach Park Pier overlooks the Mississippi Sound.

La Pointe-Krebs House
One of the oldest structures in the country, the La Pointe-Krebs House (Old Spanish Fort), circa 1718, still stands in rugged splendor on a pristine bluff with a panoramic view of Krebs Lake. In the cemetery that adjoins the building, the tombstones of early settlers are inscribed in French and date as early as 1732.

A 1726 map clearly pinpoints the House at the site on which it stands. The map also shows approximately 10 buildings on the estate, enclosed inside a stockade.

The Krebs connection to the house was made when de la Pointe's daughter, Marie Josepha Simon, married Hugo Ernestus Krebs, a German from the Alsace-Lorraine region who had immigrated to the Pascagoula area about 1730.

The Pascagoula Inner Harbor
The Harbor offers a safe haven for the boater enthusiast. With Pascagoula's picturesque shoreline as a backdrop, you can enjoy a beautiful sunset scene across the water's horizon. This spot is known by locals as one of the best places to catch a sunset!

Gator Farm and Airboat Rides
For an exciting and educational experience, visit Gulf Coast Gator Ranch & Tours. From an enclosed boardwalk, you'll be able to view alligators in their natural habitats and enjoy educational and interesting swamp tours via airboat. You may also see endangered species, osprey nests, and beavers as you meet, learn about, and explore the habitat of southeast Mississippi’s favorite reptile! Call 228-475-6026 for more information.

The Scranton Nature Center at I.G. Levy Park
The 2,000-square foot museum houses such exhibits as owls, snake fossils and assorted sea life. The museum offers educational and entertaining programs throughout the year. Bring your walking shoes, skateboard, rollerblades, or tennis racket to hang out in the park afterwards. Call 228-938-6612 for more information.

The Pascagoula Family Interactive Center
From educational and cultural events to workforce development and imaginative playgrounds, the facility offers something for everyone. You will learn more about nature, computer games, the STAR bus, Excel by Five and a fantastic opportunity to do a computer generated flight simulation and relax under the dome of stars and planets.

During the school year, the facility is home to Super Saturdays — periodic events where families are encouraged to come out and learn about specific subjects, such as the environment, fitness and community service. Call 228-938-6418 for more information.

I'm Alone Charters
Explore fishing in the Gulf of Mexico! This boat accommodates 14 people for rig fishing, parties, bottom fishing, trips to Chandeleur Island, surf fishing, overnight trips, day cruises, dinner cruises, sunset cruises, and overnight offshore rig fishing. Call 228-762-4838 or 228-219-2600 for more information.

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